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Kava Threads


Weaving Winds

Rising Forest


Twin Falls Botanicals

About Our Artisans


Kava Threads

Robin Thiele

Winhall, VT


Design born, and reborn... sketched and re-sketched... cloth washed and dried... outline drawn freehand on cloth...dried in sun... hand painted with a brush and my recycled almond butter jars of paint... dried in the sun... if called for, repeated on the back... dried in the sun... block printed with our own hand carved, hand painted prints... dried in the sun...heat pressed to fix the paints so it can be machine washable... if needed washed and dried once again... then off to market to clothe human beings in art.


Absolutely... but I love it!


Rising Forest

Teresa Hall
Jamaica, VT


Jennifer Kahn Jewelry

Jennifer Kahn

Burlington, VT

I make jewelry for the modern bohemian: artists, yogis, professionals, mothers, teachers, servers, live-music seekers, tea drinkers, deep thinkers & all those who appreciate comfort & style. The best compliment my jewelry gets is hearing how many compliments my customers get when they wear my work.

I've been selling my jewelry locally in Vermont for 20 years now and my work is in 65 shops, galleries, general stores and yoga studios. I recently hit 7000 sales on Etsy and my jewelry’s been included in exhibits in the US, UK and Japan. My work's been featured in top jewelry magazines and several books and made the cover of the Lark book "Stitched Jewels". I love what I do and feel very lucky to being doing it!

*The JK symbol that I use is not only my initials, it is also the Chinese symbol for "Forever".



Angie Follensbee-Hall
Brownsville, VT


Angie layers stories of place and myth into handmade paper tapestries and manuscripts. What emerges through plant fibers, found materials, and vivid colors are artifacts of belonging and sacred offerings. Her mission is to awaken a sense of spirit by exploring the connections between artful-living, nature, and creativity.

lizzy farley.jpg

Weaving Winds

Lizzy Farley
East Dorset, VT


Twin Falls Botanicals


Southern Vermont


I am the plant formulation specialist (potion maker) and dream weaver of Twin Falls Botanicals. Here in southern Vermont is where I grow and wild harvest many of the herbs I work with, in the rich soil on the banks of the Connecticut River. 

My vision is to create products that indulge the senses, nurture the heart and heal the body. I feel deeply connected to the plants that I work with and that I nurture and grow around my home. To create alchemy with these plants brings me joy and and a sense of peace and purpose. My intention is to share this joyful connection by creating works of functional plant magic that are available to all. 

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