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Unsure about the Oxygen Bar experience?
Try it for yourself!

Introducing Try-and-Pay! A unique opportunity for a mutually beneficial arrangement between an event or establishment and our oxygen bar. Instead of the service fee being covered by the venue, each customer who is interested in trying our service can do so by paying the regular, per-minute fee for oxygen with all profits being kept by Jasper Forest. 

That's right -- we will come to your venue, for free!


This pay-per-use approach gives your guests the flexibility to choose whether they want to experience our service based on their personal preferences and relieves the burden of an upfront booking fee. 


And most importantly, It also provides you, as the host, with the added benefit of drawing in new customers and generating additional revenue through your regular goods and services.


Each Customer Will Pay:

$10 for 10 minutes

+ $5 purchase of personal cannula

+ their choice of aromatherapy

You Pay: Nothing!

See Venue Requirements


Offer your guests a $5 per-minute discount OR free cannulas for all guests by providing an upfront, non-refundable deposit for the expected runtime of the event at $75 per hour, paid at the signing of the contract, including setup and breakdown time.


Ask about our Unlimited Oxygen Packages, which includes unlimited oxygen for guests after a one-time, upfront fee.


a few logos of local businesses who have hosted the jasper forest oxygen bar including: stratton, our mother's garden, off the rails, eight oh brew, jerry jam, ryebread music & arts festival
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Private Group Oxygen
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Jasper Forest’s Oxygen Bar makes an exciting and compelling addition to any public or private commercial event -- perfect for festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets, restaurants and bars, fundraisers, sporting events, and more!

Novelty & Attraction: Recreational oxygen bars are relatively uncommon, and their novelty alone can attract potential guests looking for something different and exciting. This novelty factor can draw attention and generate buzz around your event.


Stress Relief & Relaxation: Large events can be crowded and overwhelming at times. An oxygen bar provides a calming environment where attendees can take a break, relax, and de-stress. The oxygen itself can promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.


Health & Wellness Focus: Many people today are conscious of their health and well-being. Offering recreational oxygen aligns with the growing wellness trend. 


Social Experience: Oxygen bars often offer a social experience. Attendees can gather around the bar, chat with others, and try different aromas or flavors together. This social aspect adds a unique dimension to the event.


Revitalization: Oxygen bars are marketed as a way to boost energy levels and combat fatigue. Large events can be physically demanding, with attendees walking around for hours. Offering a revitalizing oxygen break can help attendees stay energized and engaged.


Cooling & Refreshing: In hot and humid weather, inhaling cool, oxygen-enriched air can provide a refreshing sensation, making it particularly appealing at outdoor events like festivals and markets.


Après Sports: Oxygen after sports helps reduce fatigue, aids in muscle recovery, and promotes overall well-being by replenishing oxygen levels in the body and can be attractive to large groups of athletes and spectators.


Marketing & Differentiation: Large events are always looking for ways to stand out and attract more visitors. Including a recreational oxygen bar can set your event apart from others, potentially leading to increased attendance.


Profitability & Extended Dwell Time: Offering unique attractions like an oxygen bar can increase the amount of time attendees spend at your event. The longer people stay, the more they are likely to spend on food, merchandise, and other activities.


Positive Word-of-Mouth: Attendees who have a positive experience at your festival or market because of the oxygen bar are likely to share their experiences with friends and on social media, helping to promote your event.

Diverse Audience Appeal: Oxygen bars can appeal to a broad demographic, from health-conscious individuals to those simply looking for a fun and different experience. This inclusivity can help you reach a wide range of attendees.

a graphic that reads "Venue Requirements" in script, in the style of a neon sign, glowing blue

For a large event to host a try-and-pay recreational oxygen bar service, there are several requirements and considerations that must be met to ensure a safe and successful operation…

Space and Location: The Oxygen Bar requires a 10x10’ level space, inside or adequately under cover, with a weatherproof power supply within 10ft, taking into account safety regulations and the expected foot traffic. Oxygen Bar must be located INSIDE the ticketed venue area, if applicable. 

Promotion and Visibility: Inclusion in event promotional materials to inform attendees about the Oxygen Bar service with at least one social media post that includes information about Jasper Forest and services offered with links back to Jasper Forest’s socials, website, and booking information for oxygen services. Jasper Forest can provide information and graphics for this requirement if needed.

Electrical Access: Access to weatherproof electrical outlets or power sources to operate oxygen concentrators and lights. If no electrical access is available, Jasper Forest can provide their own generator – please communicate in advance if a generator is necessary.

Safety Compliance & Security: Assurance that the venue complies with all safety regulations and permits necessary for your oxygen bar operation. Venue security or event staff must ensure the safety of equipment and staff during the event and for load in and pack out.

Accessibility: An accessible location that allows all event attendees, including those with disabilities, access to the oxygen bar.

Event Schedule Integration & Assistance with Logistics: Coordination with event organizers to align the Oxygen Bar's operating hours with the overall event schedule. Venue staff or event organizers must provide reasonable assistance with logistics, such as electrical access and load-in and load-out of equipment and supplies.

Liability and Insurance: Clarification of liability arrangements, ensuring that your oxygen bar operation is covered under the event's insurance policy, if needed. Jasper Forest's Oxygen Bar is fully covered.

Trash Disposal: Access to trash bins or disposal facilities for used or discarded items, such as oxygen tubes or sanitizing materials, particularly during breakdown of the site.

Customer Engagement: Encouragement for event staff or volunteers to promote your oxygen bar service to attendees. 

In the event that the venue fails to meet the requirements stipulated in this contract at any time, before or during the event, Jasper Forest reserves the right to decline attendance or leave the event without any liability, obligation to refund any payments received, or extend compensation for service hours not provided within the contract.

Event must guarantee guest attendance of at least 100 guests per day to be eligible for Try-and-Pay Services.


For events with less than 100 guests or for Weddings and other Large Private Gatherings, please see our Rates for Pay-for-Hire Events HERE.

For Small Retreats and Workshops like Girl's Weekends, Staycations & Bachelorette Parties, please see our Group Rates HERE.

Venue Requiremets
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Try the Oxygen Bar for Yourself!

The Oxygen Bar can be found at Jasper Forest during store hours & around the mountains for special events!

Try the Oxygen Bar
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