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Unsure about the Oxygen Bar experience?
Try it for yourself!

An oxygen bar can be a delightful and beneficial addition to large private gatherings. These occasions often carry a mix of emotions, from excitement to stress, and an oxygen bar provides a unique opportunity for guests to unwind and rejuvenate. Amid the festivities, it offers a serene space where attendees can take a moment to refresh, both mentally and physically. Whether it's the bride and groom seeking a tranquil moment amid wedding chaos or family members looking to relax and recharge during a reunion, the oxygen bar's calming and revitalizing effects can enhance the overall experience. Moreover, it fosters social interaction, encouraging guests to gather around, choose their preferred aromas, and engage in pleasant conversations, creating lasting memories and a welcoming atmosphere for all.


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Private Group Oxygen
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Imagine an experience that seamlessly weaves together the profound alchemy of calmness and healing with the invigorating spark of energy and pure, unadulterated fun
-- that's recreational oxygen!

Stress Relief: Weddings and family reunions can sometimes be emotionally charged events. Offering an oxygen bar provides attendees with a relaxing and stress-relieving activity, allowing them to unwind and enjoy the occasion more fully.

Energy Boost: Oxygen bars can offer oxygen-enriched air, which may help attendees feel more energized, especially during long events, late-night celebrations, or after travel to the event.

Refreshment: In hot weather, inhaling cool, oxygen-enriched air can provide a refreshing sensation, helping guests stay cool and comfortable during outdoor or warm-weather events.

Unique Experience: An oxygen bar is a novel and fun experience that can set your event apart from others. It can be a great conversation starter and leave a lasting impression on guests.


Social Interaction: Oxygen bars often promote social interaction as guests gather around, try different aromas or flavors, and chat with each other. This can enhance the social atmosphere of the event.

Customization: Guests can often choose from a variety of scents or flavors, allowing for personalization and catering to individual preferences.

Non-Alcoholic Option: An oxygen bar provides a non-alcoholic option for guests who may not drink alcohol or prefer an alternative way to relax and enjoy the event.

Entertainment Value: Oxygen bars can be entertaining, with guests trying different aromas and discussing their preferences, creating a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

Photogenic Opportunity: Oxygen bars often have unique setups and vibrant colors, making them visually appealing and providing opportunities for great photos, enhancing the event's memories.

Extended Dwell Time: Offering unique attractions like an oxygen bar can increase the amount of time guests spend at your event, increasing the chances they'll engage in other activities or socialize more.

Multigenerational Appeal: Oxygen bars can appeal to a broad range of guests, from the younger generation looking for a trendy experience to older family members seeking relaxation.

Positive Word-of-Mouth: Create memories your guests will talk about for years to come!

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For a large event to host a recreational oxygen bar service, there are several requirements and considerations that must be met to ensure a safe and successful operation…

Space and Location: The Oxygen Bar requires a 10x10’ level space, inside or adequately under cover, with a weatherproof power supply within 10ft, taking into account safety regulations and the expected foot traffic. 

Electrical Access: Access to weatherproof electrical outlets or power sources to operate oxygen concentrators and lights. If no electrical access is available, Jasper Forest can provide their own generator – please communicate in advance if a generator is necessary.

Safety Compliance & Security: Assurance that the venue complies with all safety regulations and permits necessary for your oxygen bar operation. 

Event Schedule Integration & Assistance with Logistics: Coordination with event organizers to align the Oxygen Bar's operating hours with the overall event schedule. Venue staff or event organizers must provide reasonable assistance with logistics, such as electrical access and load-in and load-out of equipment and supplies.

Liability and Insurance: Clarification of liability arrangements, ensuring that your oxygen bar operation is covered under the event's insurance policy, if needed. Jasper Forest's Oxygen Bar is fully covered.

Trash Disposal: Access to trash bins or disposal facilities for used or discarded items, such as oxygen tubes or sanitizing materials, particularly during breakdown of the site.

Customer Engagement: Encouragement for event staff or volunteers to promote your oxygen bar service to attendees. 

For Large Commercial Events with more than 100 guests,
please see our requirements for Pay-for-Hire Events

For Small Retreats and Workshops like Girl's Weekends, Staycations & Bachelorette Parties, please see our Group Rates HERE.

Venue Requiremets
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Try the Oxygen Bar for Yourself!

The Oxygen Bar can be found at Jasper Forest during store hours & around the mountains for special events!

Try the Oxygen Bar
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