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Hair Feathering

Image by Nico Frey

What is
Hair Feathering?

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

What is
Hair Feathering?

Truth ~ Speed ~ Lightness ~ Flight ~ Freedom ~ Ascension

Experience the magic of being adorned with feathers as a way for you to align with your authentic Goddess power and Divine self. A simple hair father can not only add a sacred natural beauty to your appearance but it has the ability to offer continuous healing energy as a visual reminder of your personal power, supporting you to step into that Divine powerfully and completely. It is with the purest intention of love, light, and healing that Jennifer offers energetic feather adornment services to those who are guided to this beneficial enhancement of your overall health and well-being.

Jennifer offers feather adornment services to individuals, groups, festivals, private parties and events, business, school, and community events, and wherever else your creativity guides you to weave in this unique, playful, and healing offering.

Hair Feathers are offered at all times at Jasper Forest during business hours. 

For large groups, please call ahead to schedule your hair feathering appointment. 

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