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The Oxygen Bar

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The Oxygen Bar will be Closed
for a Mud Season Reset
April 16 - May 31

In the meantime, you can find the Oxygen Bar out and about at special events around the mountains!

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Potential Benefits of
Oxygen Therapy

+ aromatherapy

Stimulate Brain Activity · Boost Concentration Increase Memory Capacity · Improve Strength Develop Stronger Alertness

Raise Energy Levels · Build Endurance

Reduce Stress · Rest Easier
Cure Hangovers · Relieve Headaches 

Treat Altitude Sickness + Jet Lag

Potential Benefits

How it Works

$10 for 10 minutes

+ $5 purchase of personal cannula

+ Your Choice of Aromatherapy

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How it Works
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Recreational oxygen is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Persons with any medical condition such as emphysema or other lung disorders should consult with their physician prior to the use of a recreational oxygen bar. The oxygen bar at Jasper Forest is insured for your safety.


Find the Oxygen Bar!

No upcoming events at the moment

The Oxygen Bar can be found at Jasper Forest during store hours & around the mountains for special events!

Find the Oxygen Bar
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