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New recreational Oxygen Bar opens at Jasper Forest (VT Journal)

March 5, 2023, LUDLOW, Vt. – A new recreational oxygen bar has opened in the heart of Ludlow, Vt., at Jasper Forest, an integrative wellness and healing center owned and curated by Jennifer Esposito, providing locals and visitors with another unique experience to optimize their overall wellbeing. The oxygen bar will offer customers the opportunity to breathe in pure oxygen infused with organic plant-based aromatherapy. This type of oxygen therapy is purported to have numerous benefits, including reducing stress, increasing energy levels, reducing inflammation, and improving concentration. Other benefits may include easing muscle aches, improving sleep, relieving headaches, and even recovering quickly from hangovers.

Alongside the oxygen bar, Esposito’s integrative wellness center includes a storefront that sells ethically sourced crystals, Vermont CBD, fair trade gifts, and an eclectic assortment of products created by local artisans, adding to the overall inspiring atmosphere. Jasper Forest also offers yoga, energy healing, meditation, health coaching, public classes, retreats, and private events. These offerings embody Esposito’s intention to support wellbeing for the body, mind, and spirit. With a focus on holistic wellness and with the addition of the oxygen bar, this establishment will continue to be a must visit destination for those seeking a natural way to improve their health.

Esposito, a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with a background in psychology and natural health practices, is excited to bring this innovative concept to the area. She believes that there are just as many paths as there are people on the planet, which is why she offers a plethora of holistic wellness options for customers to intuitively choose and combine in their own personal way. Her intention is to create a safe, sacred space, where people can show up as their authentic selves, feel at peace, and be empowered to connect with their inner and higher guidance.

The oxygen bar is sure to be a welcome addition to the community. Esposito acknowledges that while the health benefits associated with recreational oxygen have not been evaluated by the FDA and people with certain chronic conditions, such as emphysema, should avoid recreational oxygen, it is still an attractive choice for those who want to explore alternative options for wellness or just try a new experience. The oxygen bar can be found at Jasper Forest and at various places and special events around the mountains. For more information and to book the oxygen bar for your next event, visit

Written by Jennifer Esposito, Holistic Healer and Owner of Jasper Forest.

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