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Cleansing, strengthening, calming, & inspiring, it amplifies the healing energies to support manifestation, intuition, motivation, protection, & self growth to help you soar to the heights of your Divine infinite potential! Combines the enhancing & strengthening qualities of Quartz with the stress relieving qualities of Amethyst. An excellent stone for increasing psychic awareness & strengthening intuitive guidance + cleansing the aura, removing any residual negativity that’s affecting your overall vibrations.


A powerful protection stone & has a strong healing field that can boost the immune system, metabolism, respiratory tract, circulatory system, & endocrine system + helps soothe burns, skin irritations, swelling, & headaches. Can also help in treating alcoholism & other forms of addictions, giving you strength, discipline, & willpower to follow through with your plans + dispels laziness, codependency, & procrastination, replacing it with drive, motivation, & inspiration. Amplifies energies required for manifestation. 


Promotes self growth & development. Inspires you to move toward spiritual growth & achieve your highest potential. Helps calm an overactive mind, allowing the body to relax, & soothes the body quickly to help from being overstimulated. Brings peace & calm, multiplies all of the wonderful gifts that you already have so that you & the people you love will benefit from them. It will even open you up to exciting new opportunities that will generate new income!


Zodiac: All

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Element: Wind


Purple: Luxury, Ambition, Mystery

Tower: Amplifies energy and intentions + directs and focuses energies


Dimensions (approx.):

Small: 3" x 1.5"

Medium: 3.5" x 1.5"

Large: 3” x 2” x 1.5”


  • Slight variations in size, color, and crystal density will occur between specimens. 

  • The crystal shipped to you will be intuitively chosen with love and intention. 

  • All crystals are energetically cleansed and empowered prior to shipping for the highest healing good.

Chevron Amethyst Tower Generator Point

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