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**After purchase of this service, Jennifer will be in touch to schedule an appoinment. Please remember to indicate if your session will be in studio or virtual when checking out.**


**New clients, please select "NEW CLIENT" and receive a discount on your first session.**


All subsequent sessions will be $125.


A private yoga sessions will be 60 minutes long.


All abilities, all bodies, and all personalities are welcome to join in on any Yoga practice, anytime.


I embody a holistic perspective and approach to both practicing and teaching yoga that incorporates exploring, learning, healing, and empowering ourselves on every level of our being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cosmic - in all areas of our lives and relationships, not just on the mat. Creating a safe, supportive, accessible, healing space, free of judgement, that anyone, at any age and stage of their journey, can feel comfortable walking into for the first time, and every time, is of utmost importance to me, the classes I offer, and how I strive to live my life. 


I teach yoga to empower you to connect, listen, trust, and follow your own unique intuitive guidance to know and do what is right for you in the moment. This means if you are just looking for a safe, supportive, peaceful, healing space to take a break from the hustle and recharge in savasana (just laying there in "corpse pose" with no energy or intention to move at all the whole class;), that's totally fine! In fact, I invite you to arrive with an open heart and mind, free of attachment to outcomes, to tune into the energy that you need to feel restored and recharged on all levels of your being.


Another element of my yoga classes is that you receive a mini Reiki healing session in Savasana. Every class and the entire space are infused with Reiki Universal life force energy flowing continuously so you are receiving health and healing benefits by just showing up! I recognize that showing up can sometimes be the biggest challenge and I honor you for your efforts to arrive the moment you walk through the door.


I am looking forward to uniting on the mat with you! The light in me honors the light in you.


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Private 1:1 Yoga Session

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