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Red Light Therapy
Hybrid UV Tanning Bed

Get an Unlimited Membership for only $69/Month with $20 off/month for the first 20 customers!!


Experience the revitalizing benefits across all systems of your body, from bolstering your immune system to soothing inflammation, enhancing cardiovascular health, and promoting detoxification and oxygenation. Revel in the beauty of youthful skin as fine lines and wrinkles diminish, thanks to increased collagen and elastin production.

Step into the serene sanctuary of our wellness center, enveloped by the soothing presence of healing crystals and the gentle energy of Reiki. Here, in our sacred space, you'll find solace and tranquility, a place where stress melts away and breathing becomes effortless.


As you step into our cosmic chamber of light, prepare to embark on a journey of profound healing and renewal. Our hybrid red light therapy UV tanning bed awaits, ready to empower your mind, body, and spirit. Feel the transformative effects as every cell in your body is energized to operate at its optimal level, promoting lasting change and positive transformation.


Transport yourself to another dimension as you don wireless noise-canceling headphones and immerse yourself in healing frequencies and binaural beats. Choose from an array of healing programs, tailored to your needs, whether it's anxiety relief, stress reduction, or fostering positive energy and focus.


Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with a jade crystal eye mask, soothing tired eyes and harnessing the ancient wisdom of jade stone's healing properties. Emerging from your rejuvenating session, you'll feel revitalized, reborn, and empowered to embrace your inner light. Ready to conquer the world as the divine being that you are. Welcome to a new era of wellness.

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Walk ins are welcome, but booking an appointment in advance is highly recommended!

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  • 6-Month Unlimited Light Bed Membership

    Every month
    The first 20 customers get $20 per month with code FIRST20!
    Valid for 6 months
    • Red Light Therapy + Hybrid UV Tanning Bed
    • 10% Off Tanning Lotion
    • Free Oxygen Bar or Yoga Session
    • 15% Wellness Sessions
  • 1-Month Unlimited Light Bed Package

    Valid for one month
    • Red Light Therapy + Hybrid UV Tanning Bed
  • 1-Week Unlimited Light Bed Package

    Valid for one week
    • Red Light Therapy + Hybrid UV Tanning Bed
  • 6-Month Unlimited Light Bed Membership

    Valid for 6 months
    • Red Light Therapy + Hybrid UV Tanning Bed

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