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Reiki II
Hybrid Certification Course

Date: TBD
Location: Jasper Forest Studio or VIRTUAL
Time: 10am - 4pm

Price: $250

This course has been designed by Jennifer to expand your ability to allow Reiki to flow through you, focusing & intensifying the Reiki I energy. Reiki II introduces you to three ancient healing symbols that support healing & expansion in all areas of life, both for yourself & others. These powerful, sacred symbols enhance your effectiveness as a Reiki Practitioner & offer a deeper experience of the extraordinary healing & transformational power of the Reiki universal life force energy.

The Second Degree Reiki certification course is split into unique, easy to follow parts covering topics such as a Reiki I overview, three Usui Reiki symbols & how to use them, how to send absent/distant Reiki, beaming & scanning techniques. You will also have an opportunity to meet your spiritual Reiki Master through a guided meditation & how to incorporate crystals & aromatherapy into your Reiki sessions if you feel called to do so.

The class includes an in-depth manual covering all aspects of the course plus custom designed handouts & meditations + guidance through the Attunement/Placement process of Second Degree Reiki.

What You'll Learn...

  • The three Usui Reiki II symbols including how to draw the symbols, the meaning of the symbols, & how to incorporate the symbols into your Reiki sessions.

  • How to use the scanning technique to locate energetic disturbances in the aura.

  • Receive instruction on how to perform absent/distant Reiki healing methods on others & yourself, even situations.

  • How to utilize a powerful method of channeling Reiki called Beaming, dramatically increasing the amount of Reiki flowing through you & the receiver + creating a unique healing process of treating the whole aura at once before entering the physical body.

  • Deepen your relationship & increase the power of the Reiki energy.

  • How to cleanse & empower physical spaces using Reiki such as homes, rooms, & offices.

  • Healing on the mental & emotional planes such as accessing cellular memory to gently dissolve psychological & emotional issues + limiting beliefs.

  • Practical applications of using Reiki in your everyday life including answering questions, finding misplaced items, empowering food & drink, even enhancing inanimate objects such as your phone & car.

  • Enhance spiritual communication & your ability to connect with your spirit guides, Reiki guides, & spiritual Reiki master & how to develop these relationships to support your Reiki sessions & journey.

  • Experience several guided meditations & experiences including connecting with the Earth energy, grounding and protecting yourself, & how to cleanse your energy field.

  • A basic overview on how to incorporate crystals & aromatherapy into your Reiki sessions if you feeled called to do so, including how to create a Reiki healing crystal grid.

  • Receive the level II Reiki Attunement/Placement to become an Advanced Reiki Practitioner & practice utilizing the symbols & additional techniques taught.

  • Safe and virtual learning with a Certified Usui & Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master with over a decade of experience as a practitioner and teacher.

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