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Handmade paper and mixed media Chakra inspired wall tapestry.


Each chakra piece is unique—the colors and basic shape are similar but they vary in design and shape. Your wall chakra is a unique piece of art indeed!


Size: 9 1/2 “ x 40 “ long


The 7 Chakras are a component of the Indian Hatha Yoga energetic systems. Chakra is a sanskrit word which means “spinning wheel” or vortex of energy. We each have many hundreds of chakras in our body, but we recognize 7 primary chakras as follows:


Muladhara- Root chakra, red color, connection to our roots and grounding

Svadisthana- Sacral chakra, orange color, connection to our creativity

Manipura- Naval chakra, yellow color, connection to our willpower

Anahata- Heart chakra, green color, connection to our loving center

Visshudha- Throat chakra, blue color, connection to our voice and truth

Ajna- Third Eye chakra, indigo color, connection to our ability to see clearly

Sahasrara- Crown chakra, white light, connection to our divine guidance


May this wall tapestry help to promote the balance of all your 7 Chakra energy centers.

Chakra Tapestry with Sanskrit Symbols - Angie Follensbess-Hall

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